Database Consulting Group (DCG)

Database Consulting Group (DCG) is a right-sized consulting company focused on building quality data-driven business solutions. DCG has attracted several small to large scale customers across a range of industries and activities including financial services, medical records, billing, scheduling, manufacturing, marketing, workflow automation, and database optimization and tuning.

Our broad experience includes:

  • Development and Implementation of a Patient Engagement Platform to enable focused interaction between providers and their patients, including platform services, web portals, and mobile and tablet applications.
  • Real-time Clinical Decision Support services in use by an enterprise EHR vendor to provide CDS integration with multiple EHRs across their customer base.
  • Design and development of a full EHR for use in multiple clinics with a fully dynamic, questionnaire-based medical record.
  • As a member of the Health eDecisions S&I Framework initiative, helped to design and develop standards for Clinical Decision Support including the HL7 Knowledge Artifact Sharing Impementation Guide, HL7 vMR-related specifications, and HL7 Decision Support Service Implementation Guide, Release 2.
  • Currently participating as a member on HL7 Standards committees related to harmonization of Clinical Decision Support and Health Quality standards, including the HL7 Knowledge Artifact Sharing Implementation Guide, Release 1.1, HL7 Health Quality Artifact Expression Logic and Reasoning Domain Analysis Model, and HL7 HQMF Release 2.1.
  • Application of machine learning techniques to safety event categorization to streamline and improve accuracy of safety event reporting.
  • Designed and led the implementation of next-generation development platforms for multiple companies including EHRs, pharmaceutical management, and safety event reporting.
  • Systems and application architecture for a medical packaging system, involving three industrial robots and complex machine automation.

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